Strasbourg travel guide

Strasbourg in France

Strasbourg, a city of over 600'000 inhabitants and the capital of the Alsace region in France, mixes a bustling metropolis vibe with historical charm. The train station is large and modern and resembles a glass bubble and you come out into a wide open square edged with tram stops. The section around the station has a grittier city feel, with immigrant areas and less well-tended streets. But cross over into the old town and you can wander through the carefully preserved roads of history. This mix of the old and new make Strasbourg a fascinating place to visit.


Visiting the old town provides a myriad of historical sites to see. Known as the Grande Île for being situated on an island on the Ill river in the heart of the city, the entire quarter has been named a World Heritage Site. Here you will find the Gothic Cathedral with its astronomical clock and pillar of angels. Construction began on the cathedral in 1015 and was completed four centuries later in 1439. Nearby is Petite-France, the medieval tanners' district, with its narrow streets and timbered houses.
If you prefer to see Strasbourg from the water, you can take a boat tour and spend seventy minutes gliding over the river. You'll pass the principal tourist sites and get an overview of the city.
Strasbourg also offers plenty of museums: perhaps start with the Alsatian Museum to get a feel for the life of the region. Then head over to the Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, depending on your taste.


No visitor to the city can leave without trying the famous Flammeküche, or tartes flambées in French. One of the region's specialties, this is a tart cooked in a wood-fire oven, made with a thin crust and any variation of toppings. The traditional tart features crème fraîche, onions, and bacon, but alternative versions from savory to sweet abound.

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