Colmar travel guide

Colmar in France

Walking through the old town of Colmar you can easily lose your sense of which century you are in as you wander along the crooked streets amid colorful houses and Medieval architecture. The sunny climate invites you to linger as you lean on a bridge over one of the canals that cut through the part of town known as la Petite Venise or as you sit and enjoy coffee and an éclair at one of the cafés at the Place de la Cathédrale. The city of around sixty-five thousand inhabitants is located in Alsace, a small region in France that borders Germany and Switzerland. Colmar self-identifies as the "wine capital of the Alsace" but it offers many points of interest for visitors, including the famed Unterlinden Museum with its display of the Insenheim Altarpiece as well as its exhibitions of Medieval to contemporary art and ancient artifacts. Plenty of beautiful and historical buildings abound, from the Theater to St. Martin's Church (founded in 1234) to the Old Custom's House. For music buffs, Colmar hosts a classical music summer festival every year under the direction of Vladimir Spivakov.

Alsace has switched between French and German control multiple times throughout the years, which is reflected in the linguistic mix you will hear spoken in Colmar as people change from French to Alsatian (a High German dialect) and back again. This French and German blend appears in the architecture as well, with the landmarks of the town ranging from German Gothic to French Classicism and beyond. The city is well-connected by train to Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Zurich and Basel, and you can easily walk from the train station to the old town. Outside of Colmar is the surrounding wine country, with the city being located on the famous Alsatian Wine Route. On any visit to Alsace, Colmar is a destination you will not want to miss.

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