Annecy travel guide

Annecy in France

Located in the east part of France and only 35 kilometres south of Geneva, Switzerland, Annecy has been the connection between several cities for a long time, and as such it has been inherently influenced by a number of different cultures. In the south part of the city, lies Lake Annecy and the Alps stand in an arc. Being France's second largest lake, Lake Annecy, water sports and leisure sports such as water skiing or wake boarding are popular and sports facilities are developed. During the winter, numerous tourists flock to enjoy skiing at the beautiful ridges of the Alps. For this reason the popular ski resort in Annecy is also known as the "Mecca of winter sports".

Places to visit

  • the landscape where the two canals, Vasse and Thiou, run along the Lake Annecy is outstandingly beautiful.

  • the palace of l'isle (Palais de l'isle), which is located in the Thiou canal, was built in the twelfth century. The palace served as the primary residence for the lord of the region in the early twelfth century. Later, it was used to house the Count of Geneva's administrative office, a courthouse, a mint and finally it served as a prison during World War II. Nowadays, it houses a local history museum.

  • the Bridge (Pont des Amours), which became famous thanks to the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, "Confession".

  • the Annecy Castle (Château d'Annecy), built between the twelfth and the sixteenth century. It was inhabited by the Dukes of Genevois–Nemours and the Counts of Geneva. In 1953, the city of Annecy took possession of the Castle, which was later used as the museum of contemporary and religious art.

Events to attend

  • every year in June, the Annecy International Animation Festival (Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy) takes place. This festival is held yearly since 1956 and has been hosted by the city of Annecy since 1960. Each year more than 20 million people visit the world's biggest animation festival.

  • the Venetian Carnival of Annecy (Carnaval vénitien d'Annecy), which takes place in March and during which people walk around in the centre of the old town wearing venetian-style masks.

  • the Lake Festival of Annecy (Fête du lac), taking place on the first Saturday of August. This is regarded as one of the biggest firework festivals in Europe. Fireworks are coordinated with music and special effects, and this spectacular show goes on for 70 minutes.

  • the Annecy Biennale of Spanish Cinema (Biennale du Cinéma Espagnol), taking place every two years usually during the second half of March.

  • the Annecy Italian Film Festival (Festival du Cinéma Italien d'Annecy), happening around the end of September and beginning of October.

Map of Annecy with accommodations

The blue markers shows the location of various accommodations in Annecy. The letter in the marker describes the accommodation types: H for Hotel, A for Apartment, R for Resort, B for Bed & Breakfast and O for Other (e.g. pension, villa). Click on the blue marker for more information on the accommodation.