A culinary travel through L’Ecusson, Montpellier’s historic centre

MontpellierMontpellier is one of the largest cities of the French Mediterranean coast and offers to locals and tourists plenty of cultural sights, a busy night-life and of course a large choice of nice restaurants.

I will invite you to join me for a culinary travel in the narrow streets and beautiful squares of the center. read more

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Petite-France: the medieval tanners’ quarter of Strasbourg

Strasbourg's La Petite France with view its Ill riverTurning around street corners in the old town of Strasbourg on the Grande Île in the middle of the river Ill, you may end up in one of the most atmospheric sections of this World Heritage Site. Timber houses, narrow streets: you are in Petite France, in the Middle Ages the tanners’ quarter of the city. River canals cut through the area and slow-moving boats pass through the locks, the two halves pulled aside to read more

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